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Success Stories

Our 2022 Graduates

Graduates from an initial pool of 19 interested candidates began with our Financially Fit bootcamp and followed our program for several months, ultimately graduating with a brand identity, website, and legally established business.

Meet the Graduates


Damon D. Venable

Entrepreneurs With a Vision

Graduates of the 2022 Cohort 2 program came from various backgrounds, including their time incarcerated. After establishing a foundation with our Financially Fit bootcamp, they worked to develop business models based around the core tenets of their characters, focusing on what they wanted to be able to put out into the world.


graduates from our initial pool of 18


businesses specifically created to pay it forward to other returning citizens


businesses specifically catering to underserved communities

Passion Across Numerous Industries

Dare2Dream Site_chart-min.png


Personal Coaching


Real Estate

Other Services

Business plans covered a diversity of industries, and graduates leveraged years of personal experience and skill to develop their lifelong passions into businesses.

Discover Success with Us

We are always looking for new candidates for our program, and are specifically seeking individuals who have been previously incarcerated in New Jersey. If you are interested, or know someone who would be a good fit, we would love to hear from you!

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