About Us

Turning Interest Into Action

The Dare to Dream Institute has been developed because Generation X Community Association, Inc. fundamentally believes there is a systemic commitment to ensure that minorities live as a lower class by withholding economic opportunities, providing limited educational resources and ensuring that the judicial system treats the African American family disproportionately to splinter what has historically made minority, urban communities strong; united families.  Our mission is to minister to individuals who have suffered traumatic and/or catastrophic events pick up the pieces of their lives economically, spiritually and emotionally.  The ideal returning citizen who would benefit from the internship will display a spirit of optimism regarding their future, evidence of self-improvement and a candid willingness to honestly analyze their previous missteps.  While we recognize that many individuals who have suffered periods of incarceration were oftentimes victims before becoming predators, the need to have a fighting spirit in spite of life's obstacles are essential for success. Therefore, an integration of the gospel, their willingness to work hard with the fact that returning citizens are gifted and capable of becoming the entrepreneurs of the future is foundational to the Institute's success.  Instead of providing returning citizens with fish, teaching them how to fish and stewardship over their time, talents and resources will provide stability that will allow them to reintegrate back into society.