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About the Dare 2 Dream Institute

Turning Interest Into Action

Dare 2 Dream Institute gives participants the tools and resources they need to use an identified gift or skill to create a consistent revenue stream

Our Mission

Our mission is to liberate through education those who have suffered traumatic and/or catastrophic events. To guide them in picking up the pieces of their lives economically, spiritually and emotionally. 

Our Commitment

To provide a supportive structure built out of educational resources, life skills, and an enduring business mindset with the goal to raise minorities out of poverty and into a better quality of life.

Meet the Team

Believing that success is built on a foundation of varied life experiences, skills, and mindsets, our institute enlists seasoned professionals who equally value the power of education for change.

Executive Leadership

Nicole Simpson

Dr. Nicole B. Simpson

Sonji Grandy.png

Sonji Grandy

Vice President
Lauren Nance

Lauren Nance

Business Plan Specialist
Kimberly Fisher

Kimberly Fisher

Executive Associate

Leah Dade

Executive Associate

Program Educators

Nicole Simpson_edited.jpg

Dr. Nicole B. Simpson

Kay Lindsay_edited.jpg

Kay Lindsay


Dr. DeLacy Davis

Esther Hiamang.jpg

Esther Hiamang


Leah Dade

Anika J_edited.jpg

Anika J. Applewhite

Darin Wright_edited.png

Darin Wright

Sonji Grandy_edited.jpg

Sonji Grandy

Michelle A Johnson_edited.jpg

Michelle A. Johnson

Damien H_edited.jpg

Damien H. Weinstein, Esq


Dr. Angel "OJ" Holcomb


Dr. Sherron Carrion

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