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You Are a Business

Transform your ideas, transform yourself.

A Dream Academy Course


Financial Planning


Business Planning


About this Course



  1. Transform your business idea, dream, gift or skillset from a hobby or thought to a viable business where you have the potential to earn money.

  2. Create a business plan consistent with the prerequisites of the NJ Small Business Association for funding opportunities

  3. Provide critical information and expert advice to help you market and promote your business

  4. Register your business and begin operating as a small business owner!




  1. Students will have to create a personal mission statement

  2. Students will complete accompanying workbook and create strategy to accomplish goals and objectives.

  3. Students will create a marketing strategy, timeline to hit targeted financial goals, and everything critical to ensure success.

About Course





Telling a Story

Coming Soon

The art of storytelling in 90 seconds
a. Shaping the narrative to “sell” your product or service.
b. Developing an elevator pitch.
c. Creating a strategy that generates publicity, publicity, publicity.
d. How do you create a press release.
e. Ideas to connect your business or your story to current events.


Building a Social Media Blueprint

Coming Soon

Does Your Social Media platforms tell your story?
a. Social Media 101. Outlining the dos and don’ts when it comes to social media
b. How to build a social media presence and ensure it is a viable marketing tool. What you post matters when it relates to your business.
c. The A,B,C to getting started
d. A story of resilience and success from a returning citizen


Presentation Day

Coming Soon

Creating Your First Commercial
a. Each Student will do a 5 minute presentation sharing their business and what they have learned
b. Final Thoughts and What Next


Laying the foundation

Coming Soon

Setting Goals and Outlining the Vision for the internship
a. How important is it to set goal?
b. Evaluate life at present moment-where are you and where are you looking to go?
c. Discuss financial relationship to goals-will work with students to determine economic objectives relative to time commitment.


The Importance of Mentorship

Coming Soon

The Value of Mentorship
a. Explain the importance of mentors. How do you identify a potential mentor?
b. What should you expect from a mentor and what can a mentor expect from you?
c. How many mentors are critical and are they a part of your business team.
d. Getting your family involved with your business.
e. How to create a wiz team.


The Ultimate Financial Plan

Coming Soon

All Things Financial…You are in the business to make money
a. The importance of keeping your business and personal financial affairs separate.
b. Ways to fund the business to operate the business
c. Insurance liabilities. What are the basic protection insurance policies that are necessary?
d. Can I quit my job? Developing a strategy to focus on business full time.
e. Home based business verses a brick and mortar
f. Understanding the tax advantages to owning a business.


Failure is not an Option

Coming Soon

Fail Forward to Success
a. How to turn a no into a yes
b. The power and importance of perseverance. How do I stay committed to my end objective?
c. Creating a tangible strategy that keeps you engaged when the odds appear against you.
d. A story of resilience and success from a returning citizen


Mindset Matters

Coming Soon

Reengineering your thoughts to achieve success
a. Rediscover your life objectives, diagnosing your ills and rediscovering new pathways to achieve your life objectives.
b. Design a process to achieve the objective and determine how to implement.
c. Discuss the difference between gifts and talent, can either be monetized?


You are a Business

Coming Soon

The Building Blocks to Branding and Marketing Your Business
a. The Basics about Branding
b. What is branding and why is it key to your success.
c. Understanding marketing trends
d. What is marketing and why is it key to your success.
e. Understanding marketing trends
f. The importance of creating a relevant marketing plan


Legitimizing Your Business

Coming Soon

Which Business formation is best for you?
a. Learn the different types of business entities.
b. We will choose the right entity for you and identify the pros and cons.
c. We will discuss how to solidify your legal foundation for a successful future.
d. We will focus on shifting the mindset from consumer to owner.
e. How will mindset determine our success? How do we remain focused on staying the course?

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