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Experience the Dare 2 Dream Institute

An entrepreneurial internship designed for returning citizens who have specifically identified a gift, or a skill set that can be used to create a consistent revenue stream.

Fighting a system of disparity

The Dare 2 Dream Institute was established by the Generation X Community Association, Inc, a 30 year endeavor to combat the  systemic withholding of economic opportunities from lower class minorities. 


The Institute's Dream Academy provides educational resources to returning citizens in this demographic, with financial and business management training that ensures they are on a proven path to a successful reentry.


Financial Education

"The data doesn’t lie. Americans struggle with financial literacy. And while we’re slowly making progress, we still have a long way to go."

Combining financial literacy with extrinsic motivation, our Financially Fit bootcamp is tailored to target the interests of each participant and exposes gaps in their prior financial education. We lay out the actionable insight needed to secure socioeconomic equity. This new understanding helps minimize economic disparity by instilling  autonomy into the process of achieving financial stability. Participants learn money saving techniques, appropriate budgeting and investments devices such as 401ks, IRAs, or maximizing benefits and mutual funds.

Economic Justice

"A 1 percent increase in economic freedom is associated with a 0.47 percent decrease in recidivism"

Dare 2 dream institute builds the awareness needed to identify opportunities into our course offerings, helping participants refine skills or gifts that can be turned into a small business through legitimate and financially sound methods.

Social Entrepreneurship

"Individuals from a lower social class generally have less career-related self-efficacy when it came to vocational aspiration"

Dare 2 Dream is an institution of survival, built on the tenacity of Dr. Nicole B. Simpson, who not only survived the tragic events of September 11th, but paved a path through the discrimination that followed her recovery. Her resilience in the face of despair is inculcated in the lessons, anecdotes, and course offerings that comprise the foundations of support where Dare 2 Dreams come true.

Our endeavor is not only to push previously incarcerated individuals towards success but to also pull them out of the despair that keeps them in the failure mindset.

With financial problems being the leading cause of recidivism, our bootcamp forces participants who are reentering citizens to investigate the solutions that keep them out of jail.

Post-release individuals are more likely to be rejected from a job at least half as much as individuals without a record. There is a critical need for economic justice and financial awareness during the rehabilitation phase of reentry.

Who We Serve

The ideal participant who would benefit from our programs will display a spirit of optimism regarding their future, evidence of self-improvement and a candid willingness to honestly analyze their grit.



Dare 2 Dream Institute knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. Back in 2001, our Non-Profit Organization Generation X Community Association realized that by working together we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently, and that is why we ultimately decided to launch the Dare 2 Dream Institute.


Our goal is to facilitate the Dream Academy-a place where empowerment classes are offered to advocate economic justice, comprehensive financial planning education, entrepreneurship, and life skills overall

Awards & Recognition

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Black Enterprise Magazine
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Support our Dreamers

Generation X Community Association 

is committed to investing our time, talents and economic resources to "pay it forward" in our community.  We desire to serve the youth, the underserved/underemployed population and individuals who have experienced a season of incarceration. We believe that faith and belief in oneself will help anyone survive trauma and tragedies experienced physically, economically and emotionally. With a dream and support, people can recover from any challenges that life presents. 

We are committed to every person’s humanity and dignity, and their right to live fully and freely in this world.

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